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75) Juncus subnodulosus Blunt-flowered Rush, from Walthamstow Marshes. September 2016. Photo Ken Adams.


74) Geranium rotundifolium Round-leaved Geranium, showing the uniquely red ovoid terminal cells of the leaf stalk hairs.September 2016. Photo Ken Adams.

73) Bupleurum tenuissimum  Slender Hare's-ear, showing the minute flowers and tiny developing fruits. Braintree verge. Septembner 2016. Photo Ken Adams.


72) Viola tricolor Wild Pansy. On waste ground Braintree. 7 September 2016. Note petals much longer than calyx . Photos: John Parish and Ken Adams.


71) Elytrigia juncea Sand Couch, showing the spine-like hairs that cover the longitudinal ridges on the upper surface of the leaf, that separate it from E. atherica Sea Couch. Bradwell Shell Bank, August 2016. Stacked micrograph Ken Adams.


70) Ulmus diversifolia Melville. The 'Dengie Elm' at St. Lawrence.   August 2016. Scroll down for leaf images.  Photos: by Ken Adams

69) Euphorbia x pseudovirgata. Photo: by Ken Adams shallow stacked image. Another Euphorbia flower to add to the collection on Hot News.


69) A first attempt to correlate colour patches on a saltmarsh with the dominant species from a Google Earth Satellite image. The transect was carried  out on the saltings at Wat Tyler by participants on the FSC salmarsh plants course in August 2016.

68) Limonium humile (Lax-flowered Sea Lavender). Scanned image of plant from south shore of Hamford Water opposite Horsey Island, showing the  wide spacing of the flowers in this species, now  being widely hybridised out elsewhere on the Essex coast by crossing with Limonium vulgare.

67) Nine of the Tendring Wild Flower 2020 Group at Beaumont, Photo being taken by Gay Watton, and missing 4 other members who didn't make it that day. August 2016. From left to right David Hooker, Bob Seago, Richard Ranson, Ken Adams (with hooked pole for aquatics!), David Bain, Gerry Slater, Graham Green, Kevin Marsden & Roger Hawes.

66) Parentucellia viscosa  (Yellow Bartsia). Found on disturbed ground Little Belhus Country Park 22 June 2016 by Colin Austen. Photo Colin Austen.

65) Herniaria hirsuta  (Hairy Rupturewort). Found in Langley Upper Green churchyard May 2016 by Enid Barrie. Note inset of leaf with patent hairs on margin. Photo Ken Adams.

64) Cerastium arvense  (Field Mouseear). Ickneild Way.Great Chishill. Vc19. 16 May 2016. Photo Ken Adams.

63) Epipactis purpurata (Violet Helleborine). Quendon Wood, August 2015. Photo John Skinner.[now a very rare plant in Essex].

62) Euphrasia nemorosa (Common Eyebright). Patches in bridleway Wrabness N.R. September 2015. Photo Gerry Slater. [now a rare plant in Essex]



61) Galeopsis bifida (left) and Galeopsis tetrahit  (two colour forms centre and right). Bifid & Common Hemp Nettle. Photos Ken Adams and Enid Barrie (centre form).


(60) Triglochin palustris Marsh Arrowgrass. Refound on Howlands Marsh in July 2015 by David Bain. Photo of single pair of flowers: Ken Adams. [N.B. a tiny plant compared with its maritime relative].

(59) Isolepis setacea Bristle Scirpus. A tiny, easily overlooked plant. Tilegate Wood, Rayleigh July 2015. EFC meeting. Photo Ken Adams.


(58) Polypogon monspeliensis x Agrostis stolonifera (x Agropogon lutosus). The most beautiful grass             I have ever seen. Like a giant Polypogon viridis but a gorgeous greenish-pink and with the long awns of the first parent. Foulness Island 28 June 2015. Photo from Enid Barrie's phone. 2nd record for Essex.

(57) Polygala serpyllifolia/vulgaris Heath/CommonMilkwort. We are not sure yet! Inner sepals very pointed but leaves alternate right to base (including scars of those that have fallen off). Hadleigh Downs, 6 June 2015. Photo Ken Adams.


(56) Cephalanthera damasonium White Helleborine. One of two plants, North Ockendon, the only known site in Essex. Found by Martin Higman, Photo Patrick Smith. May 2015.

(55) Dactylorrhiza fuchsii x D. incarnata. New to Essex, East Tilbury Marshes SSSI. Photo Ray Reeves 17 May 2015.



(54) Upright Spurge Euphorbia stricta (=serrulata). New to Essex, found on a verge at Kelvedon Hatch by David Dives, micrograph Ken Adams.

(53) Lizard Orchid Himantoglossum hircinum. The first occurrence in Essex since the 1930s,

a single spike at Black Notley, found and photographed by Alan Purdy June 2014.

(52) Sitka Spruce Picea sitchensis showing the rows of stomata on the underside of the leaves.

(51) Euphorbia characias subsp. veneta Mediterranean Spurge. From A12 Brentwood bypass. April 2014. Photo: Ken Adams. Note the softly hairy fruit and yellow hooked lunate glands.


(50) Dicranella rufescens Rufous Forklet-moss from Epping Forest, ditch bank SW of Claypit Hill. November  2013.  Photos: Ken Adams. Note narrow stiff leaves all turned to one side and red stem.


(49) Cystopteris fragilis Brittle Bladder Fern from Warley Place 2013. Found by Tim Pyner. Photo: left John Cannell, photo right: Ken Adams.


(48) Rumex x pratensis, our commonest dock hybrid (R. crispus var. crispus x R. obtusifolius), Epping Long Green verge. August 2012. Photo: Ken Adams. [N.B. valves the size of R. crispus much smaller than R. cristatus]. smll


(47) Galeopsis tetrahit Common Hemp-nettle, arable field, Finchingfield. August 2012. Photos: Ken Adams.
(46) Euphorbia helioscopa Sun Spurge, arable field, August 2012. Note the smooth capsule and rounded green glands on the cynathia. Photo: Ken Adams.



(46) Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae - (Turkish Wood Spurge) base of wall Writtle. May 2012.Note the yellow lunate glands and the smooth capsule. Photo: Ken Adams.




(45) Euphorbia oblongata - (Balkan Spurge) found on a verge on a housing estate at Chelmsford. June 2012. Note the two yellow rounded glands on the cyathia, and the hemispherical-warty fruits. Photo Ken Adams.


(44) Polycarpon tetraphyllum - (Four-leaved Allseed) found by Mary Smith on several brick on sand forecourts on housing estate at Aveley. May 2012. New to south Essex. Photo Ken Adams.




(43) Hennediella macrophylla - patch of fruiting material photographed by Tim Pyner at Prittlewell Camp, Southend. 10 April 2012. Very unusual to see this rare moss fruiting so abundantly.